Your First Step In On-Page SEO – The Biginner’s Guide

One page SEO

One page SEO

Everyone is aware of the importance of On-Page SEO. This is one of the very important factors that helps google to read your article/website. Hence, it is really important for you to know the right way for On-Page SEO. In fact, you might find a lot of tips on On-Page SEO, but has anything work for you? The answer is no. That’s because all these websites have their general experience. As a result, I thought of getting things clear to you.

Today I am going to teach you some of the most basic On-Page SEO factors that will definitely work for you.  I am saying this because this has worked for all of my clients & all of them are quite happy with it.

Make a note: The tips I am going to share might differ depending on the niche. Hence, I am not giving you any DIY, but going to tell to the factors you should consider.

Let’s Begin With On-Page SEO Basics

Make Sure There are No Coding (HTML) Errors

One of the major reasons why faces problem in search engine is when they have a lot of errors. Hence, it is really important for you to check if the website you are working on has no errors. There might be several tools that you can find online, but one of my suggestion is to check through Inspect Element-> Performance test. Also, make sure you follow the basic HTML standards.

Check Robots.txt and Sitemap

Robots.txt and sitemap.xml files are the major two factors that you should not miss. Without this, it is really hard for Google Bot to read your websites. Also, through Robots.txt and sitemap.xml, you can define the search engine on which page to crawl, which URL should have priority and so on. With this, you can define importance to a URL, category or page.

To understand more about Sitemap and the features, check here. Also, know everything about Robots.txt by clicking here.

Know Your Keywords

Keywords are where most of the people make a mistake. It is really important for you to choose the right keyword. When you choose a keyword, it is really important for you to check if the Keyword has High Difficulties. Apart from that, you should also check the competitions that are using the same keyword.

We would always suggest you go with less competitive & long-tail keywords. This will give you an easier way to reach your audience.

Make Sure Your Website Follows

It is really important to follow the format. That’s because it is really important for you to know on how to showcase the data to the browser. This is where comes into the picture. Not only that but also, major search engines like Google, Microsoft, Yandex, and Yahoo follow a strict

Other On-Page Costamics?

Apart from the above important facts, it is necessary for you to follow the important meta tag, URL structuring, 301 redirections (if needed)  and so on. Including the home page, make sure rest all the pages should follow the above feature. This will help you to make every page on your website SEO friendly.

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