5 Skills of Top Los Angeles SEO Experts

5 skills of Top Los Angeles SEO Experts
Top Los Angeles SEO Experts
Top Los Angeles SEO Experts

To find the top Los Angeles SEO experts, you need to make sure that they have the below skills.

These skills are usually acquired through time, so the top experts automatically must have been in the industry for a long time.

1. Technical skills

SEO is a highly technical job, and the top SEO experts have to understand those aspects of SEO, at least. Failure to do so will be a problem for the client. For example, creating and company’s site map and hierarchy.

 If your prospective SEO expert does not know how to create an XML sitemap or understand the other critical elements like page speed, lazy loading, and microdata tagging, rendering, server-side redirects, and basic HTML tags, then you should drop them fast.

An SEO expert usually deals with the website programmer and webmaster frequently. These conversions would be much easier if the SEO has some programming knowledge or skills.

2. Communication and Writing ability

Keyword research and content creation are at the heart of SEO. Some companies will subcontract out the content creation part because it is tedious and not easy to write content.

If you find an expert that can communicate effectively, then they would be more valuable.

As an outsider, they need to talk to your internal people about their vision for the SEO work being done, and often, they have to deal with your marketing team directly.

This where practical communication skills become essential so that some critical things do not get lost in translation.

3. Critical thinking skills

An SEO professional must be a critical thinker. They must have problem-solving skills, and because most times than not, they are dealing with digital tools. They must be able to analyze the data, interpret it, and formulate plans from it.

Learning speed is also important because the landscape is always changing fast, and they must adapt.

Google, for example, comes out with changes to its core algorithm every few months. Not being able to adapt to these ever-growing changes will bring harm to a client.

4. PR Skills

Google a big brand with authority than little unknown websites. To survive in Google’s new world order, the SEO expert must be able to turn their client’s business into a trustworthy brand.

The process requires outreach, and that’s where PR comes in. The SEO expert will need to reach out to another player in the industry to help build the company’s brand.

 In other words, this is a necessary skill for the expert to have to succeed.

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