How to Find the Top San Diego SEO Experts

Top San Diego SEO Experts
Top San Diego SEO Experts
Top San Diego SEO Experts

Top SEO Experts in San Diego are not easy to come by. In today’s digital age, the proliferation of so-called “SEO experts” has reached a fever pitch.

Many businesses end up choosing people online who call themselves an expert. They only find out later that they have used tactics frowned upon by Google.

Because of the nature of SEO where the results are not readily apparent. Choosing the right person early on will save you money and time.

To find the top SEO expert in San Diego you need to follow the following rules.

1. Find a Local Guy

The truth is you can find someone reputable online. And because SEO by its nature is digital, that person will still do an excellent job for you.

But when it comes to business, use the mantra hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

You can evaluate a local SEO expert like you would do any other vendor. You may visit their offices and talk to their previous clients. You can check them out at the BBB and local chamber of commerce.

And In case something goes wrong, later on, you know where to find them too.

2. Use word of mouth referrals

The most effective way of finding an SEO expert is by word of mouth. Look for advice from people you know and trust.

Get advice especially from a friend or family member who is in your industry. Or a person who has used or currently uses an SEO Expert.

Similar but noncompeting companies can also help. As well as the San Diego local chamber of commerce would be a good place to start.

Similarly, personal connections, as well as industry insiders, may have a clue.

3. Beware using Google

The logic behind this is actually understandable. If they are the best at SEO then they should be at the very top of SEO searches on Google.

So if you search for “Best SEO San Diego” then that company would be at the very top right? Well not so fast.

The truth is SEO is still very much a reputation business and the best companies do not need to advertise. They get word of mouth referrals and they are very busy with those clients.

What’s worse some of these keywords are filled by affiliate marketers. Their goal is to capture your info and sell it to the highest bidder.

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